On October 22-24, the delegation stayed in Milan (Italy), where they held a number of meetings and negotiations with partners, and also took time to attend a football match between the famous clubs AC Milan and AC Monza.
In particular, Bekzod Mamatkulov met and negotiated with the President of the Berlusconi investment fund Paolo Berlusconi, Senator of the Italian Republic Adriano Galliani, who heads the AC Monza club.
It should be reminded that according to the sponsorship agreement previously signed by the company with Italian partners, football clubs AC Milan and AC Monza promote the national brand of high-quality saffron ORO ROSSO MILANO.
So, on October 23, the company’s delegation visited the restaurant of one of the most famous culinary specialists Chef Carlo Cracco, whose customers are offered a wide range of dishes, to which saffron is added, which gives them an exquisite taste.
In addition, in honor of the company’s delegation, a reception was organized at the residence of Paolo Berlusconi, where the national dish pilaf was prepared using organic products from Uzbekistan, including the addition of the “royal spice”, saffron from the BMB Za’faron brand.
In turn, the Italian partners highly appreciated the quality of the products and the world-famous Uzbek dish.
In general, the event within the framework of the visit of BMB Trade Group was held in a friendly and businesslike atmosphere.
On October 24, the company’s delegation left for Paris, where it will continue to meet with representatives of French business circles.
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