At the initiative of BMB Trade Group, agricultural products from Uzbekistan will be exported to European markets

It is widely accepted that each and every single product grown on our fertile land possesses unique taste and beneficial properties.
Which was the topic discussed today at yet another meeting between the BMB Trade Group and the German company Mangold Consulting GmbH. Cooperation with Landgard was also discussed during the meeting.
Today, BMB Trade Group is successfully implementing projects for sorting, processing, and packaging fruit products in the Jizzakh region. Particularly, one of the most noteworthy projects is the cultivation and packaging of the medicinal plant, saffron, as a grown in the fields of the Bakhmal district of the Jizzakh region. The saffron grown on this territory meets international standards for quality.
The German companies Mangold Consulting GmbH and Landgard, as partners in this project, expressed their intention to create a laboratory for assessing the conformity of products to European quality standards. This will allow for the control of the quality of fruits sorted in Uzbekistan for export to Europe. The establishment of such a hub in Germany will open up the possibility of supplying products to other European countries.
During the talks, Christoph Mangold Managing Director of Mangold Consulting GmbH, Thomas Bittel Head of Landgard, and Bekzod Mamatkulov Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMB Trade Group, discussed joint long-term plans.
Previous cooperation negotiations took place on November 2 of this year during the visit of the delegation of BMB Trade Group to the Stuttgart, German. During this visit, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMB Trade Group Bekzod Mamatkulov met with the President of the German company Mangold Consulting GmbH, Professor Klaus Mangold, the Managing Director of this company, Christoph Mangold, and the head of Landgard, Thomas Bittel.
The achieved bilateral agreements will further strengthen the promising cooperation in this area, and in turn, the BMB Trade Group initiative will serve to enrich the range of food products for the Europeans through the supply of fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan.
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