Subsidary enterprise

The nature of the Bakhmal region, especially the mountain and foothill areas, is rich and varied in favorable climatic conditions. According to preliminary estimates, there are more than 120 species of plants used or recommended in scientific medicine, and about 1000 species used in folk medicine. The charm is of particular value because of the uniqueness of the many species found in our Mother Nature, and most importantly, its medicinal properties. The usefulness of these medicinal plants and herbs for human health is noted in the book “Laws of Medicine” by the great scientist, philosopher, the great ancestor Abu Ali Ibn Sina.
It was in this area that BMB SHIFO subsidiary for cultivation, storage, primary or deep processing of medicinal plants was established in 2019.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree number PP-4670 of 10.04.2020 “On measures for the protection, cultivation, processing and sustainable use of available resources of medicinal plants growing in the wild” the enterprise was granted the status of the Medicinal Plants Cluster.

Жиззах вилояти,
Бахмал тумани

One of the main objectives of the Medicinal Plants Cluster is the collection and procurement of medicinal plants growing on our land, creation of cultivated plantations of medicinal plants, organization of their primary and advanced processing, development of a culture of using medicinal plants and preservation of traditions of treatment with medicinal plants.
The company began to grow and process medicinal plants, as well as to obtain essential oils, phyto teas and tinctures of lavender, saffron, basil, melissa, tarragon, artichoke, amaranth, chamomile, peppermint and other medicinal plants.
In carrying out its activities, the company’s forest fund closely cooperates with the State Forestry Committee for the collection of medicinal plants on the land.
The establishment of large plantations of saffron by the cluster of medicinal plants is an important factor in the development of agriculture, providing pharmaceutical companies with local raw materials, as well as increasing exports.
Today saffron grown by the cluster under the brand name BMB ZAFARON is supplied to consumers in our country and abroad. Every year the export geography of the cluster expands.
The cluster has launched production of antioxidant saffron phyto tea and capsules as an additional source of biologically active substances (flavonoids, saponins, carotene, vitamins, organic acids and tannins) to normalize the immune system and as an antioxidant.
A saffron drying, primary processing and packaging facility equipped with advanced European production lines is in full swing at the cluster.
In addition, the cluster plans to produce dyes for medicine, pharmaceuticals, perfumery, essential oils, and industry through deep processing of medicinal plants.
It is also planned to create a scientific and innovation laboratory for testing and certification of product quality in accordance with international standards. This laboratory issues certificates not only for saffron, but also for other agricultural products.
The medicinal plant cluster employs 40 qualified employees on a permanent basis. Several thousand people are provided with seasonal work in the collection of medicinal plants.

Company staff

Abdurashid Sharafutdinov

General Director

Saidazim Valikhanov