We Congratulate you on the holiday of Ramadan Hayit!

Dear compatriots! We congratulate you on the holiday of Ramadan Hayit, which is an expression of kindness, tolerance and generosity inherent in our people! In the holy month of Ramadan, along with the cleansing from sins, we ask from the Almighty goodness, tranquility and well-being to our independent country, hardworking people and all believing Muslims […]

Wishing you a very Happy Easter

Wishing you a very Happy Easter filled with joy, hope, and love! May this special day bring you renewed faith, blessings, and happiness. May you be surrounded by your loved ones, and may your heart be filled with peace and contentment. Enjoy the spring season, and may this Easter be a time of new beginnings […]

Sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday of “Navruz”

Dear compatriots! We sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday of “Navruz”, a holiday of goodness, elegance, living, renewal, kindness. May joy and joy leave you on this day! May you bless your family, peace and peace from your household, and may you bless them! Happy Navruz!

Dear mothers and Sisters!

We sincerely congratulate you all with the” International Women’s day of March 8″. We wish you a long life, good health and happiness. May there be joy, strong family happiness and new achievements in your activities in today’s glorious and unique moments! May the spring mood never leave you. Happy holiday!

Dear agricultural workers!

BMB Trade Group has the honor to sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday! At the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, every second Sunday of December, our country celebrates the Day of the Agricultural Worker! Thanks to your selfless work, our compatriots are provided with the highest quality and […]