Subsidary Enterprise

Jizzax High Tech Group Limited Liability Company was founded in 2019.


The established construction contractor today has the most modern facilities to develop the company’s architectural and construction projects and ensure their quality implementation.

The organization employs a large number of experienced personnel with many years of experience in the construction industry, with in-depth knowledge of their business, and carry out effective contract work.


Currently, on the basis of joint Russian-Uzbekistan project the organization is actively working on the construction of “Agro Logistic Complex” specialized in sorting and processing of fruits and melons, a mega project worth 57.7 million USD.


The construction company is building a large complex for processing and packaging of medicinal saffron plant in Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region on the basis of joint Italian-Uzbek project by order of BMB-OPERA ZAFFERANO. Construction and contracting works on infrastructure development are carried out in the area around saffron plantations.


Also, the company is building a special complex for processing and cattle breeding with total area of 2.0 hectares in Arnasay district by order of BMB-AGRO TRADE company and 6-storey International Dental Center and office buildings in Yakkasaray district of Tashkent.


Jizzax High Tech Group LLC also performs construction and installation works on the construction of a head business center in Jizzakh on the basis of a modern project.

Company's staff

Yorkin Bakhritdinov

General director

Furkat Uralov

Deputy General director

Sherzod Rashidov

Chief Accountant

Sayyora Sobirova

Material accountant

Yorkin Rashidov

Material accountant

Alisher Tirkashev

Head of department of supply