On October 15 this year, at the initiative and invitation of the leadership of the Turin Polytechnic University of Italy, the General Director of BMB Trade Group Mirgulom Usmanov took part in the annual Forum of graduates of this university.
The work of the Forum was opened by the rector of this university, Jamshid Inoyatkhojaev, who noted the importance of strengthening communication between university graduates, transferring experience and developing useful recommendations for students.

Along with the leadership of the university, Italian professors Anita Tabacco, Michele Bonino, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini and a number of other honored guests who teach at the Turin Polytechnic University also spoke at the event.

During an open dialogue, along with other graduates of this university, M. Usmanov spoke about his path of self-development, as well as the results achieved, living and studying in Italy, his career in one of the largest domestic companies, as well as the unique investment project of BMB Trade Group, cultivation and export of Italian saffron to the European market, implemented jointly with Italian partners.

It should be noted that many students expressed great interest in the activities of BMB Trade Group and the desire to build a career there in the future.

In turn, M. Usmanov stressed that the company is always open to qualified specialists after a successful internship.

In general, this Forum was very useful for students, because they had the opportunity to gain tremendous experience, get clear, relevant advice and answers to their questions.

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