Negotiations were held with SANAEI CO. Machinery&Technology

Aziz Mamatkulov, CEO of BMB Trade Group, and Bokhodur Abdurakhmanov, head of the department for work with state and public organizations, who are on a working visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, on May 17 this year. held negotiations with representatives of SANAEI CO. Machinery&Technology by Mr. Abdulhamid Sanai and Nozanin Nazari, Ph.D. in saffron cultivation.
For your information, the Iranian company SANAEI CO. Machinery&Technology is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for planting, collecting, cleaning and sorting saffron.
During the meeting, Mr. Sanai acquainted the guests with the equipment produced, with their characteristics, as well as methods of operation.
Following the talks, the parties agreed to visit Iranian specialists on a working visit to the BMB Za’faron plantations located in the Bakhmal district of the Jizzakh region in order to exchange experience.
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