Work is underway to improve infrastructure on saffron plantations in Bakhmal district

As previously reported, in the Bakhmal district of the Jizzakh region, the plantation area of ​​high-quality Italian saffron has reached 305 hectares, which is one of the largest not only in the region, but also in the world.
It should be noted that the total cost of investments in this unique investment project implemented by BMB Trade Group together with Italian and Tajik partners has already exceeded 40 million euros.
In the current period, additional work is being carried out on the plantation to improve the irrigation system and transport infrastructure, new high-quality and convenient access roads are being created, which will increase the availability and efficiency of the work carried out and the entire technological process.
After all, there is very little left to harvest a new crop of this medicinal plant with unique healing properties, about which the great healer of the East Avicena wrote!

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